Save up to 50% on your energy bill


" Proper air sealing prevents a variety of problems that lead to callbacks such as moisture infiltration and mold growth. "  


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" The increase in asthma in recent decades and its relationship to housing conditions such as excess moisture, mold, settled dust allergens and ventilation remains the subject of intense research. " 


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Why K.V. Tech Corporation?


 In 2003 we were building a home for a customer who wanted spray foam installed in their home.  We were reluctant because we knew spray foam was more expensive than fiberglass insulation.  We told the customer it probably was not worth the investment, but they insisted.  Shortly thereafter we watched the spray foam vendor apply the spray foam.  We were instantly enamored with the quality of what we saw.  The product was sprayed on as a hot liquid that quickly expanded into a solid.  Because it goes on as a liquid, it filled every little nook and crack.  There was nowhere for air to penetrate the spray foam.  We knew then that this was a far superior product to all other forms of insulation.  It was close to being PERFECT insulation. 


At KV Tech we've always worked to be able to offer our clients the best possibilities and quality.  So we knew we needed to start offering spray foam because it was the best.  The problem was that spray foam is a complicated product to apply.  It takes A LOT of knowledge and training to offer it as a quality end product.  So with anticipation and trepidation Isac and Eric made the large investment of money and time in 2004 to get extensive training in the areas of building science, principles of moisture movement and management, heat flow and heat load calculations, and overall principles of energy efficiency.  



What Can A Home Energy Audit Do For You?

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Spray Foam Insulation

K.V. Tech Corporation is a licensed Icynene™ Spray Foam Contractor, that uses both closed and open-cell foam applications. Spray Foam insulation provides incredible energy efficiency letting our clients save up to 50% in heating and cooling costs.

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Cellulose Insulation

K.V. Tech Corporation provides you with 2 types of Cellulose insulation by Applegate™, loose-fill and wall-spray (stabilized).  Cellulose insulation is made up of 85% recycled materials that is a wonderful choice for the environmentally concerned and price conscious consumers.  Applied properly, Cellulose works just as well as spray foam and will always outperform fiberglass insulation

Home Energy Audit

K.V. Tech Corporation can help you find where your home is losing energy and money.  We have our own BPI (Building Performance Institute, Inc) Certified Professional, who is certified as a Building Analyst and Envelope Professional.  You can be rest assured that your home energy audit will be done right and solutions found based on true building science.


"I decided to have K.V. Tech insulate our building. Our heating and cooling costs have been incredibly low. The building is very comfortable now, even on the coldest days. It was a great decision. The guys came out promptly and did a professional job."

Van Hollen Realty
Iron River, WI

"I am very pleased at how neat and timely you were. I have already and will continue to recommend you highly."

Iron River, WI

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